A Necessary Alliance

An offer rejected

With Alexandre at the helm of the Windswift, the vessel makes dock at Fletcher Island and make their way towards Korsakov Tower. Along the way they run into some slovenly soldiers guarding a warehouse who point them up the hill with little more than grunts. Upon reaching the tower, the party makes the acquaintance of the corrupt guardsman in charge of Korsakov Tower, Myslek Byormyn; a man so distasteful he nearly oozed grease. After the assemblage hands over Red Razor, Durog feels his business is concluded and leaves immediately, heading towards the dock. Myslek addresses the others and tells them that he cares not for the sword and desired only to take it away from Ruza. At first he even offers them the sword but asks that they help him with dealing with the Makai tribe, an all female band of warriors, who refuse to submit to his rule. C’haill is most forceful in her rejection of the idea, though the others concur as well. Myslek disgusted with their answer, snatches the sword back from them and slams the heavy door in their face. Frustrated, Alexandre pounds his mighty fists upon the entryway and not realizing his strength in anger, smashes the door off its hinges and knocks Myslek to the ground, pinning the unscrupulous soldier underneath its weight and forcing him to lose grip on the case that contains Red Razor. The enclosure breaks open, sending the blade skittering across the floor. As this is happening, a sparrow flits onto C’haill’s shoulder. The sparrow speaks with the voice of a young woman, saying “Thank you for your kindness sister”, and in a pair of heartbeats a dozen Makai warriors storm the tower. The guards outside are ruthlessly slaughtered and the leader makes herself known as Kinjo. The sparrow that spoke to C’haill perches upon the Makai warrior’s shoulder as she explains the actions of the men of the tower. Byorman’s men had enslaved and murdered them, this was justice not vengeance. Gruntu, after retrieving Red Razor, points out that Myslek still remains trapped under the door and Kinjo crouches down next to it to confirm. She immediately draws her spear and jams it straight into the skull of her oppressor. Other Makai begin to set the tower alight which attracts the attention of the crew of the Windswift and Durog. The unlikely mage argues that the ship should depart immediately, their business is finished here but the ship’s cook Gustus insists that C’haill’s well being be looked after, grabs his cleaver and sets off the boat in search of her. Durog begrudgingly accompanies him. They come across the warehouse and the badly mutilated bodies of the men who watched over it. They stop in their tracks as warrior women start to emerge from the brush. At the tower, Kinjo again thanks the party for their conscience and offers her sparrow, named Kito, to C’haill as a gift. C’haill enthusiastically accepts and they sets down the path. They narrowly make it upon Durog and Gustus before they are attacked by the Makai. Kinjo tells them to stand down and they are given leave from the island. Alexandre once again takes the helm with Durog and Mortin’s assistance and the assemblage heads back to Kurutiba to report back to Ruza. They journey is mostly uneventful, though a heavy storm forces them below deck for a time. After docking at Kurutiba, they return to The Rusty Hook where despite the party’s best attempts to be inconspicuous, Alexandre reveals the whole of the experience. With their bargaining chips on the table Gruntu offers her Red Razor in return for a guarantee of safe passage to the mainland. Ruza is delighted at the return of her treasured blade and the fate of Myslek Byormyn leaving her to heartily agree to their terms. She tells them she has arranged passage on a vessel named The Lioness, helmed by its captain Weela Nysis. They are given the option of two ports the ship will be passing through, Sulescu or Vorloi. After determining one to be of more convenience to the whole of the group, a port is chosen; Sulescu.



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