A Necessary Alliance

Forced Introductions

-Gruntu, on a heist in Mirros, is betrayed by the thief Lynnis and sold to the Iron Ring
-C’haill observes a group of men camped on the outskirts of the woods and while she manages to avoid detection by the main group, gets grabbed by a slaver that wandered off from the main group to take a piss. She is drugged and cast aside while the men eat.
-Durog is still on the run after being forced out of his master’s home in Verge. His path leads him through the Radlebb Woods where he witnesses the kidnapping of C’haill. He attempts to sneak around and observe the slavers actions but steps on a small branch. The snapping of the branch gives away his position and soon Durog is overwhelmed and with the druid, taken aboard the Black Scorpion.
-Aleksandre, after having been initiated into the Order of the Iron Rose by Patre Spurvius, is sent to Penhaligon to train under the land’s feudal lord and chief instructor for the Order, Lady Arteris Penhaligon. The lady finds favor in the gentle giant from Rugalov and assigns him tasks from time to time. On one such occasion, Aleksandre is told that he is to be receiving a shipment of weapons for the school down at the docks. So as to not be late, he decides to sleep at the docks and is awakened by the arrival of the first ship of the day. The master of the ship is greeted and told by the paladin of his task. Unbeknownst to Aleksandre, this is not the ship he seeks and the captain lures the giant aboard the ship with a simple ruse, sending him below deck. 15 men make their attempt to subdue him. They succeed but not before Aleksandre guts one of them. He is taken into the hold and chained with the others.

They make the acquaintance of the two other prisoners aboard, the thief Chort and the knight, Sir Kyre of Alfheim. They escape through various means, slay the slavemaster and prepare to take command of the ship when it wrecks on a hidden reef, sweeping them out to sea where they cling for life as the sharks begin to circle. The swells of the sea push them toward land and with some luck, they are washed ashore on a strange island. They kill a surviving slaver, loot the beach, retrieve their equipment and begin the search for food and water. They travel for two days, trudging through naught but sand and heat while whittling away their precious supplies before finally sighting a dock town. The sign reads: Kurutiba: Home of the Rusty Hook



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